acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Writers Jubilee at Francis E. Korn Elementary School

Today was a day filled with stories for me and the third and fourth graders who participated in Korn Elementary School's Writers Jubilee. The students split up into over a dozen workshops to talk about all parts of writing and creativity.

In the workshops I ran, we took personal memories and transformed them into stories about a unicorn buffalo that breathes fire on a magical sidewalk in the Milky Way; a horse in the Rockies frightened by a chipmunk; a monkey trapped inside an egg because he broke a witch's TV! We showed how the same basic memory can be turned into fantasy or adventure, how a sweet memory can lead to flights of fancy, and how using the emotions from our memories can help further a tale.

The students were energetic and full of exciting, original ideas. I thank them for sharing so generously! I also would like to thank Isla Alexander and all the staff at the Korn School whose organization and attention helped made the day so much fun.
Tags: appearances, creativity

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