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Gil Marsh

Gil Marsh cover

I am so excited to share with you the cover for my latest novel: Gil Marsh. It’ll be for sale in February, 2012. Woot!

Here’s the book blurb:

Gil Marsh is the golden boy of Uruk High School. Smart, athletic, and good-looking, he is popular with his classmates, his teachers, and girls. Then a new kid, Enko Labette, arrives from Montreal. Enko has no trouble keeping up with Gil both on and off the track. Though the competition makes Gil wary at first, the two become inseparable.

Fate is not on their side. Almost as soon as their friendship is cemented, Enko dies, leaving Gil inconsolable. Unable to find comfort in family or friends, Gil secretly heads to Quebec in search of Enko’s grave. The journey north will test his intelligence, strength, and endurance to their limits.

Based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest of written tales, Gil’s contemporary story weaves together a quest to find immortality with Quebec’s landscape and history.

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