acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Taking a breath

I’m revising a new novel.

I’ve had to add a scene, delete another, restructure a couple of chapters, tinker with characters throughout. I’ve done the bulk of the big work—I think. And I still have some more tweaking to do.

I need a breather.

It’s not that I’ve been slaving away without break. I took breaks.

It’s not that I’m sick of what I’ve written. I think it’s pretty good.

It’s that I’ve gone over the same lines and paragraphs so often in the last few weeks that I no longer have any perspective: I know that my work isn’t complete, but as soon as I look at a page, I read one line after another without seeing the whole picture.

So I’m putting the novel down, breathing deep, and trying to think of something else for the next twenty four hours.

Any suggestions?
Tags: creativity, on writing, real life

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