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Take Back Halloween!

Take Back Halloween! logo

Here is a website for women who love Halloween but want to wear something other than "Sexy _____": Take Back Halloween!

As they explain in their About page:

Take Back Halloween isn’t a store. We’re not selling any of this stuff. We’re a resource guide: we come up with the costume designs, explain what you’ll need to pull off the look, and provide links to where you can buy the various components.

Our overall approach is about creating great costumes with stuff that is readily available: either already in your closet, on sale at eBay or some other retailer, or in stock at a costume store. No sewing!
The site is fun to browse. It's filled with mini biographies of glamor grrls (their spelling), goddesses and legends, queens and notable women. And, as promised, it provides useful and practical advice about how to create the costumes.

If you want to wear something sexy, that's fine, too. But it's nice to have alternatives.

Thanks to Teresa Nielsen Hayden for the link.
Tags: creativity, halloween, links

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