acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

There really is no difference between men and women’s math abilities

This article in io9 describes an in-depth study about the longstanding myth that there is a biological difference in how the men and women approach math. The conclusion:

"None of our findings suggest that an innate biological difference
between the sexes is the primary reason for a gender gap in math
performance at any level. Rather, these major international studies
strongly suggest that the math-gender gap, where it occurs, is due to
sociocultural factors that differ among countries, and that these
factors can be changed."

Essentially, as the study illustrates, the solution to any gender gap is to "increase the number of math teachers in middle and high schools, decrease the number of children currently living in poverty, and take greater steps to reduce gender inequity."
Tags: bias, education, links, rb, science

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