acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Lyme Consolidated School’s Young Author Day

I had the great pleasure of spending this morning at Lyme Consolidated School as a guest speaker for their Young Author’s Day. I got to meet all the students there, from kindergarten through 5th grade. I told stories, read a few, and told them what it was like to be an author of children’s books.

The students were wonderful! In turns insightful, curious, and attentive, they asked terrific questions, and were very patient with me as my voice croaked and squeaked (leftovers from a cold and allergies). I had really good time!

I want to particularly thank Pricipal Jim Cavalieri and Media Specialist Shanon Pimentel for making me feel so welcome, and all the teachers who helped and asked questions, too. What a great school!
Tags: appearances, rb, school visit

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