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I have had a very busy month. Just in the last ten days I appeared at the Albany Children’s Book Festival, was interviewed by Jan Doyle as part of her Classroom Connections series, was a guest speaker for Lyme Consolidated School, and signed books at the Hudson Children’s Book Festival. I had a great time at each of these events—folks were warm and welcoming, and I met so many wonderful people!

But couple all those speaking engagements with a mild cold and allergies and my voice disappeared completely by the end of the day on Saturday.

I’ve been nursing my vocal chords back slowly with the aid of lozenges, lots of warm tea, and mostly by staying quiet. My favorite remedy, however, came from my mother. She instructed me to treat it “with a mixture of honey, lemon and brandy. Be sure to gargle a bit before swallowing the brew.” And if you add hot water, you’ve got yourself a hot toddy—good for coughs, too.

I knew there was a silver lining.
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