acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Clapping season

My friend calls it clapping season. It starts in late April and usually ends around mid-June. It began in earnest for me last week when I attended a ceremony honoring two retiring colleagues from a previous career. It continued yesterday at the Tassy Walden Awards, tonight at a student concert, this weekend at a wedding, next week at an awards convocation, the week after at a breakfast celebration, then two more weddings, and friends’ graduation.

We cheer. We smile. We take pictures. We clap.

Despite the fact that we do it again and again, each occasion is special. So, for awhile, I put aside cynicism and heartily join in the applause. There is something nice about celebrating people’s accomplishments. Yet, a small voice inside of me whispers: wouldn't it be nice if we could spread it around the year?
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