acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

The point at which I decided I had had my fill

So the novel is long, full of intrigue, action, and lots of characters, almost none female. The few that are female arrive late and play stereotypical roles. And then, I'm almost three quarters of the way through when the young, likeable protagonist has a conversation with an older, likeable mentor. They are talking about the protagonist's love interest.

"Women hate [her]," he said plainly, as if repeating something we both already knew.
"Hate her?" The thought baffled me. "Why?"
[. . .] "Think of it. She's pretty and charming. Men crowd round her like a stag in rut." He made a flippant gesture. "Women are bound to resent it."

Because you know, beautiful, sexually attractive women can't possibly be friends with other women. Wouldn't do.

Let's just say, I gave up soon after.
Tags: bias, book borrowed from library, quotes, reading

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