acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Why I need a wife and not a husband

- We have a cleaning service.

- That keeps the place neat.

- Well, they only come every two weeks. And no one here is very good at household maintenance.

- So the place really needs a cleaning.

- Exactly. But I'm usually around when they clean.

- I thought you had a job.

- I do. I work at home. I keep out of their way.

- Understandably.

- Sometimes, though,  I do end up in the same area of the house as whoever is cleaning.

- So?

- That very, very lovely person sighs, every time. I know exactly what that sigh means.

- What?

- "How could the wife possibly have let things get so bad."

- But there are many people in your house.

- Yes.

- So the wife isn't the only one who made that mess.

- But the wife is expected to clean it up.

- And the husband?

- Blameless.

- But. . .

- Every time.
Tags: rant
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