acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Magical what?

- You write. . . what was the genre?

- Magical realism.

- What's that?

- Realistic fiction where magic can happen, but usually doesn't.

- So it's fantasy.

- Not exactly. Most of it is realistic.

- With magic? You're kidding, right?

- Remember when you were a kid and you believed that anything could happen?

- Not me.

- Then just imagine for a minute a kid who thinks this way.

- Okay. I'll bite.

- Then imagine that that kid's world is real.

- That's fantasy.

- Yes. But the kid still lives in the real word where his parents make him brush his teeth, comb his hair, go to school, and get shots at the doctor's office. The bully down the street still runs him to the ground, and his big sister is a lot more worried about her girlfriend's unhappy day than about his. There are presidential elections every four years, the grocery store carries his favorite morning cereal, and he can't wait to play video games when he gets off the bus in the afternoon.

- So where's the magic?

- The kid knows it's somewhere. He just has to open the right door.

- Door?

- Or read the right book. Or meet the right person. Or an animal. Or visit a strange house. There's something about this world that is magical. He just has to find it. He won't be sent into a fantastical world of wizards and dragons, or meet elves or fairies, but he just might brush up against a little strangeness---something that happens that doesn't quite make sense.

- Like magic.

- Exactly.

- But he still has to do his homework.

- You bet.
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