September 4th, 2008

Gil Marsh cover

Graphing progress

- You know what I love about the internet?

- Webcomics?

- Well, yeah. But also how you get to see people do what you wish you could do.

- Like?

- Chad Orzel.

- Who's he?

- A physicist who writes a blog.

- Sounds dull.

- He and his wife just had a baby.

- Sounds noisy.

- And 'cause he's a scientist, he's charting the feeding patterns of his newborn.

- Uh. . .

- On the web.

- You're kidding, right?

- Not at all.

- And you wish you did that?

- You have got to admit that it's cool.

- In a geeky kind of way.

- And you know what he's finally proven?

- What?

- A baby will need to be fed whenever s/he damn well pleases.

[Thank you Chad Orzel for providing entertaining reading.]