March 27th, 2009

Gil Marsh cover

Three things I learned today

I went to a remarkable conference today at the University of Connecticut called A Day in the Humanities: Imagining, Performing, Writing Science, Unfortunately I had to duck out early. But in the time I was there I saw a performance of Hysteria (a play by Terry Johnson), listened to insightful commentary from U.Conn. faculty members, met some keen minds, and got to learn some wonderful things about Radio Lab.
People also said some things that I won't soon forget.

Gary M. English: People often chose oblivion over truth. The artist's role is to hold up the truth.

Jad Abumrad: Presenting facts in a way that people will listen to them is like composing a piece of music.

Robert Krulwich: There is more room between your ears than in front of your eyes.

I have more thoughts. Rumblings. Things bopping around and making me think.

That was one good conference.