March 24th, 2010

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Picture book writing contest for kids in grades 4 to 12

Albany Book Festival

As part of the 2nd Annual Albany Chidren's Books Festival on May 15 (where I will be appearing), there will be a picture book writing contests for tweens and teens. (No, I won't be one of the judges.) Here are the specifics, and good luck to all:

The Albany Children’s Book Festival
Picture Book Writing Contest

The Albany Children’s Book Festival is sponsoring a picture book writing contest for students in grades 4 through 12. Students will be judged in one of two categories:  Tweens (grades 4-8) and Teens (grades 9-12). Our goal is to promote writing skills and the creative process in young adults.  There is no fee for participation, but we do have some rules and guidelines:

What to submit:
*An original, unpublished story with original, student created illustrations.
*Illustrations should compliment the storyline.
*The story and its illustrations must be created by one individual; joint efforts will not be accepted.
*Submit the entry in picture book format sequentially arranged.
*The picture book should be bound in some way (stapled, spiral bound,in a report cover, etc.).
*A book cover with title and illustration should be bound to the text; do not add authors name.
*A cover sheet listing the entrant’s name, grade, school, school address, and teacher’s name should be attached.
* No specific length is required.
*Handwritten entries must be legible; all typewritten entries must be double spaced.
*Entries may be fiction or non-fiction; accuracy will be weighed when judging non-fiction material.
*All submissions will be displayed at the book festival.
*Submitted entries may be picked up at 3:00 p.m. on the day of the event.


*All students in grades 4 through 12 are eligible.
*Entries must be postmarked by April 23, 2010.
*One entry per student.
*Electronic entries will not be accepted.


*Students will be judged in one of two categories:
Tweens: Grades 4-8
Teens: Grades 9-12
*Judging will be based on style, content, originality, and clarity.
*Anonymity of entrants will be ensured.
*A numbering system will be used to identify submissions.
*Decision of the judges is final.

*One Grand Prize Winner: A notebook computer
*Two additional prizes will be awarded to each group:
Tweens: First prize: $100.00; Second Prize: $50.00
Teens: First prize: $100.00; Second Prize: $50.00

Winners will be announced:

* 2:30 p.m. May 15, 2010 at The Albany Children's Book Festival, 140 Academy Road, Albany, New York

Mail or deliver entries to:

K. Schimmer
2010 The Albany Children's Book Festival
135 Academy Road,Albany, New York 12208

Refer questions to:

Blanche Demoly at