March 20th, 2011

Gil Marsh cover

Kidlit4Japan benefit auction this week


If you like children's literature and you’re looking for a way to help folks in Japan, you can make a donation that will benefit children affected by the earthquake and tsunami while also purchasing  some neat children’s literature swag.

Beginning at 9AM EDT on Monday March 21st, the Kidlit4Japan site  will feature a children’s and YA auction to benefit the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Dozens of authors and illustrators have contributed thousands of dollars worth of signed books, virtual author visits, critiquing services, artwork, and even a few opportunities to name a character in an upcoming book!

Through the auction process over the next couple weeks, they hope to turn these donated items into much-needed funds for the UNICEF U.S. Fund. They are targeting relief efforts specifically to the needs of children in the affected area of Japan, using methods refined during decades of disaster response campaigns around the world. (Bidders outside the United States may choose to donate to an alternate aid organization based in their own country instead.)

Bidding will be open on each item for 3 to 5 days. If you’re interested in A.C.E. Bauer related stuff, I’ve donate signed first edition copies of No Castles Here and Come Fall, and the audio production of No Castles Here in a 5-CD set. They’ll be up on the rotation from Friday March 25 @ 2:00PM EDT to Tuesday March 29 @ 2:00PM EDT.

The link again for the auction: Thanks for your help!

UPDATE: The items put up for auction on Friday March 25, including No Castles Here, Come Fall, and the No Castles Here audiobook, will be up for bid till Wednesday March 30 (and not Tuesday, as I originally posted).