May 8th, 2011

Gil Marsh cover

The dangers of books: a Mother’s Day post

I was sitting at the table with my family, reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson, when I burst out laughing. One of the Will Graysons was describing a t-shirt his mother should own. It’d read "World's #1 Mom of a Depressive F*ck Up" and would have pictures of cute kittens putting their paws into a socket.

I read the passage out loud and added, "I would absolutely love a sweatshirt that said that! Not that I could ever wear it in public. But to own one. . .”

To be clear. None of my kids are depressive f*ck-ups, but the thought of such a shirt tickled the imagination.

My family laughed.

Fast forward one week. I have a fabulous Mother’s Day—waffles for breakfast, a beautiful hike in perfect weather, a trip to the movies and to my favorite comic store, a dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and when I get home, my family gave me a book (which I will share in another post—it is too fabulous not to share), a gorgeous necklace from my kids, and a homemade card.

My scanner sucks, so the colors didn’t come out right at all, but you’ll get the gist.

Here’s the front:

Front of Mother's Day card

And here’s what’s inside (sorry about the cropping):

Inside of Mother's Day card

I hope you had a good Mother’s Day, too.