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It sucks? Join a choir.

Complaints choirs are popping up everywhere!  Participants list all the things, great and small, that bother them, put them to music and perform  their composition. The choirs have been organized around the world and many of the performances have been posted on the web. Most are subtitled, and many are harmonious. My favorite is the Helsinki Complaints Choir, but the Complaints Choir of Birmingham and the St. Petersburg Complaints Choir also ranked. Complaints choirs also come from Gabriola Island, Hamburg, Poikkilaakso School (an elementary school in Finland), Budapest, Singapore, Juneau Alaska, Sointula (on Northern Vancouver Island), Chicago, and one was created using the listeners of the national CBC radio show, As It Happens. There are many more.

What amazes me is that although many of the complaints are place-specific, so many of them apply anywhere in the world.

Do you have a complaint?

(Thanks to Irene Delse for the link to the Helsinki Choir.)

UPDATE: You can see a map of complaint choirs around the world at this site. Wow!
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