acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

A waist narrower than her head

- I used to love Wonder Woman.

- Used to?

- Yeah. Back when I was a kid.

- What was so great about her?

- She was independent, and powerful, and beautiful, and could really kick ass.

- Well, nothing like Superman.

- I remember when they had this fight. Wonder Woman vs. Superman. And although he could push a planet out of its orbit, and she required air currents to fly, they came to a draw.

- Okay. So she kicked ass. She still kicks ass. What’s your problem?

- I noticed something.

- What?

- Her waist is narrower than her head, without hair.

- Artistic license.

- And each breast is as big as her face, including the tiara.

- It makes her sexy.

- And given her cup size, there’s no way they wouldn’t fall out of her bustier while she’s kicking ass upside down.

- Comic book suspension of disbelief.

- And she stands and walks and even kicks ass with her shoulders pushed back so that her breasts jut out more, and with her spine curved  forward so that her butt is pushed out in back.

- Okay, okay. I got the picture.

- She’s become this over-the-top sexually drawn woman who supposed to be virginal at the same time.

- A wet dream for boys.

- Exactly. And have you seen the female villains?

- The same?

- Except that they exude eroticism and death.

- If it bothers you, don’t read the comic.

- I”ve stopped.

- So why the rant?

- Because you know what really kills me?

- What?

- She was created as a role model for girls.
Tags: comics, rant, review

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