acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Old slang made new again

- That was a real dog's breakfast.

- You mean it was kibble?

- No. A mess.

- But she's very thorough when she eats. The plate's clean.

- It refers to what a generic dog might eat.

- Generic food? That's dry kibble. It's cheap but not particularly messy.

- No, no.

- If you mean the canned stuff, well. . .

- I mean that the dog will eat for breakfast anything that's leftover or messy, like a ruined omelet.

- Oh. Good stuff. If you're a dog, that is.

- Exactly.

- That it's good?

- But only if you are a dog.

- So a dog's breakfast. . .

- Is a mess.

- Got it.
Tags: humor
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