acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

The green-eyed monster

- I ran into an old acquaintance in the supermarket.

- A happy meeting?

- We barely knew each other ten years ago. It was all "Hello." "Nice to see you." "Bye."

- Pretty normal.

- Made me depressed.

- That you didn't have anything more to say?

- No. That, as usual, I looked like a total schlep, while. . .

- Your old acquaintance looked intelligent and pulled together.

- Worse.

- Beautiful?

- Stunning. As if ten years of parenthood had only added wisdom to that already gorgeous person.

- I bet they have bad days.

- Never seen it.

- Did they publish a novel?


- No. [Another pause] Thank you. I needed that.

- You still look like a schlep, you know.

Tags: humor, real life

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