acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Besides, there are so many more to get to. . .

- You do read a lot.

- I have to.

- Physical compulsion? Psychological need? There's probably a pill for that.

- No, no. I'm a writer. And to be a decent writer you need to read. A whole lot.

- What if you don't enjoy what you're reading?

- It happens.

- Bad writing?

- I wouldn't say that. The book or writer is often popular -- but either the genre, or the voice, or something about the style, or the story itself turns me off. It's not a judgment about the writer's competence -- it's strictly personal. I'm not enjoying it.

- Yet you continue reading.

- Usually.

- Masochistic, a bit?

- LOL! No. I'm trying to figure out why, despite the elements that turn me off, this work is popular.

- And do you figure it out?

- Sometimes. Not always.

- Not smart enough.

- That, and. . .

- Yeah?

- I don't always finish the book.

- Slacker!

- Guess so.
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