acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

How to convince me not to finish a book

- You gave up?

- On page 75.

- Too dark for you?


- But you read dystopia.

- Not when it makes me cringe at every page.

- It couldn't have been that bad.

- Well, to begin with, it's preachy.

- That's bad.

- And the main character is cool, but you can see him being set up for his fall.

- Definitely cringe-creating.

- And when he falls, he gets tortured.

- Nasty.

- Very. For 30 pages. In excruciating detail.

- And, I suppose, if that's where the book started. . .

-. . .there's no way I want to read about what happens with his next fall, thank you very much.


- Then why did Big Name Blurber say this was a "must read?"

- I'm guessing he likes polemic.

- Lots of great fiction have agendas.

- Yeah, but they're great stories first.

- And they don't beat you over the head with the agenda?

- Exactly.
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