acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Conversations are like music

- Doesn't it bother you?

- What?

- To have that same conversation with her every day.

- Not really.

- You've said it before. You know what her response will be. Yet you go through it again.

- Like a fugue.

- What's a fugue?

- A form or music where you have a line of music repeated, over and over, overlapping, intertwining, going forward and back, in different ways.

- And this conversation, that you repeat. . .

- Uses slightly different words. Or happens in a different order. Or is exactly the same.

- Isn't it boring?

- It's a way to connect. A way to say, "Look. We're thinking the same thing at this very moment." It reaffirms our relationship. It sometimes reveals something new. Mostly it's comfortable and comforting.

- But people who repeat themselves are bores.

- Only if the other person isn't interested in what they're saying.

- But there's nothing new!

- Sometimes there is.

- And when there isn't?

- We're engaging in a refrain to a song we both enjoy.
Tags: music, real life

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