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Maybe artists should spend an afternoon in the food court at a mall

- It's the sameness that gets me.

- The story is interesting.

- Yes.

- And it has plenty of suspense.

- That, too.

- But you're hung up on the art.

- I'm getting jaded I guess.

- But this is really good comic book art.

- I'm starting to question whether it's good art.

- Oh come on. You're a fan.

- Listen. Here's a comic that's supposed to tell you what might happen if all the males in the world but one were killed off, all at the same time, by a mystery pathogen.

Cover Y the Last Man

- And women take over.

- Right. Except that they all look the same.

- Not exactly.

- Okay. Some have different colored hair. And some are a little taller than others. But almost all are tall -- as tall as the remaining man who appears not to be short. None are fat. None are flat chested. No one is pear shaped, or squat, or tall and rail-like, or square, or any number of proportions that women come in.

- They dress differently.

- Yes. But it feels like paper dolls -- all the same shape but you can switch the hair and outfits. If they're young and sexy, you show off the belly button. If they're older, they have shorter hair. But they all have similar features.

- That's not fair. One of the main characters is an African-American woman.

- Yes. She's one of the few women who isn't white in Washington, DC, as far as I could tell. And except for the color of her skin, and the dreadlocks for her hair, she's the same body type as everyone else.

- But she can kick ass.

- So can the psychotic Israeli general.


- You know it's just a comic.

- It can do better. The Hernandez brothers have proved that, over and over. People have different body types -- different widths, different heights, different proportions, and different faces.

Cover Love & Rockets #35

Cover Love & Rockets #43

- Each bro has a lot of similarities within his drawings.

- True. Each has his own distinctive style. But, somehow they've managed to create women -- and men -- who aren't all the same.

- They're not the only ones.

- No, thank goodness. That's why I'm still a fan. But I wish. . .

- That the more mainstream comics also had variation?

- Yup.

- So are you going to read Book 2?

- I dunno. The sameness kind of gets to me. . .
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