acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

An unusual sink into politics

- I thought you stayed away from politics.

- As much as possible.

- Then why are you linking to Michael Bérubé?

- Because then I get to quote him saying this:

"John McCain is simply saying that he understands what it’s like not to have taxpayer-financed health care even though he himself has had it for all but a brief period of his adult life, just as you and I know that space is a near-absolute-zero vacuum full of deadly radiation even though we have never been astronauts.  The obvious point of the analogy, folks, is that when you’re covered by a private health plan, you suffer debilitating bone loss and muscle atrophy; and when you’re totally uninsured, no one can hear you scream."

Which, you know, proves that Bérubé understands science.

- Or at least how analogies work.

- That, too.

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