acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Tallying the carnage

- I'm tired of it.

- The elections? They're over.

- No. No. Dead dog books.

- What's a dead dog book?

- A book in which the dog -- a main character -- dies.

- Dogs don't die in all the books where there are dogs.

- Maybe not all. But many more than in which they live on.

- Well you know, everyone dies eventually.

- Does the main character die in every book?

- Not usually.

- But if it's a dog. . .

- It's offed.

- Exactly.

- The story isn't always about the dog.

- It's about the people. I know.

- And it can be about the culture surrounding the dog.

- I know that, too.

- So the books are more than about dead dogs.

- Yeah. But you know why the books bring tears to peoples eyes? You know why adults make children read "this moving tale?" You know why kids identify with the damn story?

- Because of the dog.

- Which gets killed.
Tags: publishing, rant, reading

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