acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Are graphic novels for kids? Part 1

- Graphic novels are comics, right?

- Basically.

- So they’re for kids.

- Not always. Sometimes the material is really for adults.

- Too. . . graphic?


- Sometimes. But sometimes it’s the subject matter itself that’s adult.

- Like?

- A story that centers around someone trying to identify an unidentified body from a terrorist bombing in Israel.

Exit Wounds cover

Or a retelling of Wagner’s Ring Cycle. 

The Ring of the Nibelung cover

Or a murder mystery discovered while processing photos.

Shutterbug Follies cover

- They all sound PG-13.

- Yes. But the subject matter, the way the stories are told, the way the characters are presented, the pacing, all have a more adult sensibility.

- It’s slower?

- I’d say more deliberate. There’s more attention to character development over action – although there can be a whole lot of action, too.

- It sounds like it's the difference between adult fiction and kid fiction.

- Right.

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