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Are graphic novels for kids? Part. . . uh. I've lost track.

- Okay. Maybe adult novels can really be teen novels, too. But you can’t say that kid novels are also adult novels.

- Sure I can.

- Oh, come on. Captain Underpants isn’t exactly drawing a whole lot of adults.

- No. But Harry Potter does. So does Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Then there’s The Book Thief, the Abhorsen series, Tintin, Astérix, Bone. . .

- Okay. Okay. So some kids’ books are popular with some adults.

- A lot of adults. Let’s be clear about that. The books are adult books as well as kids books.

- Like some books are kids books as well as adult books.

- Exactly.

- It sounds like you’re saying that books are books and that there shouldn’t be any distinction between books for adults and books for kids.

- No. There is a distinction. It’s just that there is also a significant overlap.

- So?

- Mostly we shouldn’t worry about it. It’s okay. But it does mean that if we’ve put a book in one category, it doesn’t mean we’ve excluded it from the other.

- Like G and PG movies that adults like, too.

- And PG-13 and R movies that kids can relate to.

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