acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

We live in a self-referential world

- You've heard of Scalzi's law?

- Which one?

- The Law of Internet Invocation.

- Which is?

- If you name someone on your blog s/he will come.

- So?

- He reinvoked it.

- And?

- He then had to calm people's fears about the law.

- By saying that he probably won't show up. Kind of negates the law, doesn't it?

- No, no. He'll show up. It's just that he's not likely to comment.

- So?

- I think we should lay odds on whether we get a comment.

- No, no. That's Nate Siver's job.

- Now you're linking to I'm working on it.

- Hey. Maybe we'll show up. . .

Tags: humor, links

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