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The value of daughters

- What were you doing on April 2nd this year?

- No idea.

- Neither do I. But I wish I had been listening to the radio.

- Why?

- I missed Peter Sagal's rant about Horton Hears a Who.

- Who's Peter Sagal?

- The host of the weekly radio show Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, among many other things.

- So why would I have wanted to hear this rant?

- Because, in the movie, the Mayor of Whoville has 96 daughters and one son. And the only one he's interested in, is. . .

- Well?

- Do I need to tell you?

- Uh I guess not.

- Sagal's anger is a thing to behold. Here's one small quote:

Have the clowns who made this movie ever met a daughter? Have they dated one? If they did, did they meet the daughter’s father? Did they then ask that daughter’s father if there was anything more dramatic, interesting, arresting, and moving to him than his relationship with his daughter? Did they ask him if he might find that a close relationship with said daughter might be something he would care about? . What do they imagine that we do — sit around, and watch our daughters grow and change and suffer and fail and triumph — and idly wish for something more INTERESTING?

- Wow.

- Read the whole thing. Or better yet, listen to it. It's worth every word.

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