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-What do Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Rose Red and Jack in the Beanstalk have in common?

- They're characters from fairy tales.

- And they populate Fables.

Fables vol. 1

- It's a comic?

- Yup.  Published by Vertigo, a division of DC Comics. Issues 1 through 75 have already been compiled into 11 volumes. And there are spinoffs, side stories. . .

Fables vol. 2

- Vertigo is DC's "mature" division, right?

- And Fables fits the category. There's violence, some sexual content, occasional strong language. . .

- With fairy tale characters?

- Every one. Or at least a whole honking lot of them.

- And all these characters co-exist?

- Sort of. Not always happily.

Fables vol. 3

- Doesn't it make for weird stories?

- No. Brilliant ones. Bill Willingham has created a complex world. The text is beautifully written, funny. And the comic is filled with interesting characters.

- Aren't fairy tale characters pretty one dimensional?

- Not these. I promise. After reading Fables, you'll never think about Goldilocks in the same way again.

Fables vol. 4

- I take it you like the art.

- Just noticed?

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