acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Design problems

- Going down that hill on a bicycle is a challenge.

- Steep, straight down, long, cracked and decaying roadbed that ends at a commercial road filled with fast trucks. . . Yeah. I'd say so.

- You need a controlled descent.

- You need airbags.

- Airbags?

- If you skid or tumble over one of those potholes, there'd be a cushion.

- Right. The bike hits something, the airbag inflates, and you are thrown backwards at incredible speeds, fracturing the back of your head.

- Okay. Maybe the airbags should be on your clothing.

- Let's see. You hit the ground, first causing a concussion, the airbag immediately inflates and you bounce up into a tree.

- Well. . . How about airbags on the sides of the bike, you know, cushioning you when it falls over?

- As long as the bags don't catch your legs and sandwich them up next to your ears.


- There's a nice switchback with a gentle grade on the other side. . .

Thank you A.J.
Tags: humor, real life

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