acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Variation on a theme

- I have a physics problem for you.

- Groan.

- No, no. It’s not complicated. Very basic stuff.

- If you insist.

- Okay! Now suppose that on a calm day, you dropped a 2.3 kg physics textbook, measuring 30 cm by 21 cm by 5 cm, off a 520 m cliff, how long would it take to hit the bottom?

- And I’m the one doing the dropping.

- Uh. . . Yeah.

- And I’m dropping, not throwing.

- That’s right.

- The textbook. It’s the one we used in A.P. Physics?

- Yeah, yeah.

- What’s at the bottom of the cliff?

- What difference does that make?

- Just answer the question.

- For heaven’s sakes! [Pause] Okay. Rapids.

- Raging?

- Class 5! Now will you answer the question?

- Sure.

- So, how long until it hits bottom?

- Not soon enough.

Thank you E.
Tags: humor, real life, science

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