acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

A completely unscientific (yet accurate) look at social sites

- Social sites.

- What about them?

- I keep on getting invitations. And all these authors have joined MySpace, Facebook, Twitter. . .

- So?

- I only have a little free time every day. If I join a social network, it should be a good fit.

- Check out A Completely Unscientific (Yet Accurate) Look at Social Sites.*

- I don't have time to wade through a study.

- No, no. It's graphs.

- Graphs?

- Very nice ones.

- I love graphs.

- I know. You're weird that way.

- What does it say about the one I keep getting spam invitations from?

- Here.

- Oooh. Brilliant.

- Now go see the rest.

* Pulled together by

Thanks to John Scalzi for the link.

Tags: humor, links, pop culture

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