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Sweet dog

Good Dog, Aggie cover

“Aggie is a good dog.
She runs fast.
She is a good eater.
But she does not listen.”

So Ben takes Aggie to dog training school, where she causes chaos. He brings her to the park, where she chases a cat and squirrel. Ben despairs but Mr Thomas, Aggie and Ben’s friend, reassures him that Aggie will learn, someday. After yet another disaster in a milliner’s shop, Ben figures out what will get Aggie to listen. She is indeed a good dog.

This is a sweet easy reader filled with bright, warm pen and ink and watercolor illustrations by the wonderful Frank W. Dormer. He obviously understands dogs—providing as much expression in Aggie’s eyes and ears and irrepressible tail as in the rest of her actions. The visible rapport between Ben and Aggie is lovely.

I confess, though, I was particularly fond of all the adult portraits—perfectly complementing Lori Ries’s fun text. The father’s face on page 15 tells you everything you need to know about what he thinks is going on in dog training class. And Mr. Thomas demonstrates his warmth and kindness in every one of his interactions with Aggie.

The text moves at a fast, entertaining pace. Ries uses judicious repetition, simple words, and plenty of action to create a story kids will want to read to the end. I definitely recommend Good Dog, Aggie for any emerging reader.
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