acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

What were they thinking?

You learn something every day.

I did a serious double take when Eddie Bauer's recent catalog advertised a hacking jacket. "Hacking" has almost exclusively derogatory meanings in common usage. And I was sure someone in the advertising department had slipped up.

Turns out that in haberdashery, a hacking jacket is a specific kind of blazer worn for horseback riding. It took me some time to figure this out, however, since, like most people Eddie Bauer sells to, I don't ride horses. Made me think, this is a jacket for snobs.

But the thing is, if  I ever decided to wear this blazer, the last thing I'd tell anyone is that it was a hacking jacket. Most likely it'd get me in trouble. Or force me to enter into a long and boring explanation.

So how about "riding blazer?" Or "polo jacket?" Or something equally equestrian? It'd keep the snooty factor without having to explain how snooty it really was. And it'd avoid all those snickers.
Tags: language, real life

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