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This is a test?

Credit: Allen Brisson-Smith for The New York Times

I was much amused by this New York Times article about a home gardener's attempt to taste test his bounty against Whole Foods's. He invited friends to dinner, served identical dishes without identifying the source of the food, and had his guests tell him which they thought was better. To the author's dismay, some of his produce, picked just hours before the meal, did not do as well as the veggies shipped days or weeks before to the market. But to his relief, his guests loved his corn. He went on to explain.

I gamely grilled a dozen-odd ears in their husks. Next, I brushed the bare ears with homemade lime mayo, rolled them in queso blanco, a mild Mexican cheese, and sprinkled them with chili powder.


As any corn connoisseur will tell you, the true test of fresh corn isn't (shudder) slathering the ear with mayonnaise, cheese and spices. It's husking the ear as close to serving it as you possibly can, dipping it in rapidly boiling water for no more than 2 minutes, and savoring its crisp, tender sweetness. There are other cooking methods, of course. But a light touch is the best. And if you must, you may add butter and/or salt. But the best corn really doesn't need it.


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