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Yes, it matters

I am white. My family comes in different hues. When I purchase books (and I purchase a whole lot of books) for my nieces and nephews I find it disheartening that so few of the characters look like my family's kids.

But the stories are good, aren't they? you ask. Yeah. But what's on the cover and the pictures inside the book, matter to a kid. Read  this by Ari at Reading In Color and tell me you aren't just a little shaken by the fact that her sister believes that white kids are prettier and more interesting than kids of color, because they're featured in all the books she reads; or by the fact that her brother reads less and less because he isn't finding any books about kids like him.

How characters are represented matters, in all media. Really. Leaving people of color out from picture books, on novel covers, in comic books is hurtful. It means that they're unimportant. They're invisible. And kids get that message, loud and clear.

Thank you Justine Larbalestier for the link and for speaking so eloquently about the subject.
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