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A different perspective

Oblique shot of Earth

It’s gotten so that I no longer want to listen to the radio, or read the paper, and you can forget about the TV. News has just been horrible. Tens of thousands of people killed, more hurt, and even more homeless in Haiti. The GOP condemning 40 million Americans to a life without health care. The Supreme Court handing the U.S. electoral process to corporations. And some racist idiot  bigoted entrepreneur  royal jackass guy planning to start a whites only basketball league, to approval by other [fill in the blank] people.

So I’m taking a breather. Maybe with a little distance, the world won’t seem so totally messed up.

From Mercury bound Messenger

Images are from the Photojournal created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. Click on the photos to learn more about them.
Tags: links, rant, science

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