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Things I have learned

Italian Green Eggs and Ham

In Italy, most shop doors open inwards, not out.

If you order a café you will get espresso. Ham of every variety is called prosciutto, and there's no better prosciutto in the world. A meal of olives, cheese and bread can be fit for a king.

Cars have two speeds: stop, or go as fast as you can whether or not there are pedestrians. Unless there are puddles. Then you slow down so as to avoid spraying someone's clothes. If you have to park on the sidewalk, you do.

In snow you use an umbrella. If you are a woman of a certain age, and the temperature drops below 10° C, wear your furs with pride.

If you learn one less common Italian word and use it appropriately when needed, you garner goodwill. Adjectives are encouraged.

Why exactly should objects in an exhibit be shown in chronological order?

A fresco may be marveled at for generations, but you will remember a good meal with friends for the rest of your life.
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