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I have always maintained that I could never get enough potato kugel. It is one of my favorite dishes and a mainstay of our Passover seders. As I grind the potatoes and onions, and mix them with eggs, oil, salt and pepper, I dream of the leftovers that I will savor for breakfast or lunch in the following days.

I have reconsidered.

In a fit of misguided calculation, instead of making enough potato kugel to feed 24 people as a side dish, I made enough for 50. Need I tell you that we're still eating kugel, ten days later? Unfortunately, due to modern refrigeration, the stuff just isn't going bad, and there are starving children in this world, so throwing any of it out isn't an option.

But, wonders of wonders, I have discovered the miracle of oil. No, no. I'm not talking about Hannukah.* I'm talking about frying.

You don't need much, just use a well seasoned, heavy bottomed pan. Break up some kugel, throw it in, flip it around a whole lot, and don't be afraid to let it get very, very brown. Voilà, potato kugel homefries!


Although pleased with this latest turn of events, my family is still hiding the food processor from me.

* That's that other holiday that comes around Christmas. It's a really minor holiday in the scheme of things. Passover on the other hand is a super-major-you-better-not-forget-it kind of to-do.
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