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Quebec on fire

Jacques Cartier bridge in haze May 31 2010

There are an unbelievable number of forest fires in Quebec, burning at this very moment. The smoke has been so bad, there were reports of it wafting all the way down to Massachusetts. The photograph above shows the haze of smoke in Montreal on Monday, at least a hundred miles from the nearest blaze (and several hundred miles from most of the others). Over 720 square kilometers of forest have been destroyed.

Here is an interactive map showing the current location of all the blazes. For those of you who don't read French, the red fires are the ones out of control, the dark blue ones are contained, and the light blue ones are under control. According to information provided, some 42 fires are still burning.

This article from the CBC gives more details.

It looks as though large sections of Quebec are getting rain today. Let's hope it helps bring this inferno under control.
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