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Another nice review

Charlotte's Library, a blog that focuses on fantasy and science fiction books for kids and teenagers, gave Come Fall a really nice review. "[A]n excellent book full of vivid characterization," it said.

My favorite quote:
In essence, this is a middle grade story of friendship, one of negotiating the complexities of growing up and being true to one's self. And it's a fine example of that genre. The magical underpinnings are unobtrusive, linked to the events of the "real" world, but not so much as to make the kids' story, in itself, a fantasy. In fact, the story of Salm[a]n, Lu, and Blos could stand alone without the fairies.

But Titania, Oberon, and Puck add a dimension to it that gives it a special zest, a magical intrigue that makes a fairly predictable story into something more.
You can read the full review here. Thank you Charlotte's Library!
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