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Quote of the day

Actually it's from yesterday, and it's embedded in comment # 159 on a still growing comment thread, but man I agree.

“And what if there is some truth to the thought that some of those receiving your additional [tax] money are simply lazy or unmotivated to do better for themselves?”

I doubt that the soldiers in Afghanistan, or the NASA scientists putting together the next planetary exploration spacecraft, or the workers repaving the road in town, or the teachers educating my kid, or the sheriff’s deputy who makes sure people don’t speed past the school in the morning, or the very nice lady who brings me my mail, or, for that matter, my Congressional representative, who seems awfully industrious for better or worse — all of whom are paid from the taxes I provide — are “simply lazy and unmotivated.”

By John Scalzi, in his post Why Not Feeling Rich Is Not Being Poor, and Other Things Financial. Actually, I recommend the post, too.
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