acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Another book party!

I am very fortunate to be friends with Amy Eppler-Epstein. She and her family have provided me with encouragement and support throughout my writing career. Years ago, she promised me, "When you're published, I'll throw you a book party."

And she did, when No Castles Here was published. We had so much fun, she told me, "Let's do this again!"

Far be it from me to let her down.

Last week she and her family hosted another party, this time to honor Come Fall. I saw many old friends, read a few chapters, answered a bunch of questions, and signed books. Profits from the sales went to Read to Grow, a literacy program for children in Connecticut. R.J. Julia Booksellers supplied the books and made the donations possible.

Of course, no birthday party is complete without cake. Take a look at what Amy baked for us.


Thank you Amy, all the Eppler-Epsteins, and all those who contributed to Read to Grow. You guys are the best.

Photo credit goes to Steve Eppler-Epstein.
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