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Needing caffeine to brew coffee

I don't drink coffee anymore, but I am very close to die-hard coffee addicts lovers who can't spend a day without a cup or two, or three. And they are picky--only the best beans will do, freshly roasted, ground immediately before brewing, steeped for no more than four minutes in a French press, and served immediately.

Now I love these folks. Seriously, I'd lay my life down for them. But to me, it has all the markings of a ritual to the coffee gods.

No, no. It's all science, I'm told. There are oils and olfactory chemicals and temperature effects. Besides, this process makes the perfect cup. And I believe it. But there's a certain irony to the fact that folks who desperately need caffeine to function first thing in the morning have to use sharp blades, boiling water and precision timing to get it.

This was not lost on Frank Bruni who wrote this wonderful piece for the New York Times about his experiments with different brewing methods in his search for the perfect morning coffee. After many (funny) experiments with different coffee brewing methods, he reached an epiphany.

Make no mistake. Combine Maestro-ground beans with a proper execution of the pour-over system and you get lovely coffee: a delicate symphony in place of a blunt cymbal crash.

But let’s pause and imagine something just as magical.

You stumble out of bed, struggling toward consciousness, in urgent need of caffeine. You drag yourself into the kitchen. And there, ready and waiting, are 10 cups of coffee, brewed automatically, just five minutes earlier, as a consequence of a few simple steps and some alarm clock-style programming the night before.

This isn’t cutting-edge technology. This is Mr. Coffee, many decades ago. The current generation of automatic drip machines preserves the tradition while improving, I’m told, on the product. Gastronomic guilt be damned, I just may put one on my Christmas list.

The entire article is worth the read. Even my coffee-loving, French-press-devoted loved ones agree.
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