acebauer (acebauer) wrote,

Signing success

Barnes & Noble was hopping--two weekends before Christmas, it isn't surprising. The kind staff who set me up and kept me hydrated were wonderful. They even apologized for not having me in front. ("It's just too much traffic today.") No worries. I had two lovely tables in the children's section, and I met lots of readers and spoke to wonderful people.

The highlight for me were the looks of pure pleasure I received when I wrote dedications to several kids, tailored just for them. "You're the first author she's ever met," a mother of a nine-year-old told me. It made me feel unbelievably special and lucky. Her daughter read a page and looked up at her mom. "This is really good!" And it reminded me why I write books to start with.

Thank you!
Tags: appearances, on writing

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